About RSWR

What is The RSWR Network?

Currently the RSWR Network is a collaborative of PHP projects, created by Ryan Christenson (Also known around the web as Gorkfu). Some projects are released under the GNU GPL license for release to the community, such as phpCheckZ – The Easy Checklist Maker and several WordPress plugins.

Ryan also has a passion for good food and founded UPC Food Search to help people learn more about what’s in processed foods.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for current projects, I’d love to hear them. I always look forward to enhancing on my projects as I always consider them as an ongoing process.

The History Behind The RSWR Network

1998 – 2001

The RSWR Network has been through many changes over the years. I’m sure the first question in your mind is, “What does RSWR stand for?” In the beginning, from 1998 to 2001 RSWR served as a Star Wars Fan site. During this time RSWR stood for Ryan’s Star Wars Realm. As corny as that may sound, I like to think it was a popular addition to Star Wars fan sites at the time.

2001 – 2002

Between 2001 to 2002 Ryan’s Star Wars Realm became known as “The RSWR Network”. The RSWR Network contained three different sections of content. There was a fourth section I had worked on, but it never seen the light of day. The three sections at that time were Star Wars, Webmaster Freebies and Top Site City (A series of topsite list rankings).

2002 – 2005

From 2002 to 2005 The RSWR Network was pretty much non functional as a website, and only contained a cover page.


In late 2005 I started to get back into website development and more heavily into PHP development. More ideas began to pop into my head for The RSWR Network and other projects; Although, most of the ideas did not stick with the RSWR Network.


In the middle of 2006 I decided it was time the RSWR Network got a new look. I created a new look which was only used till May of 2008. It was that same year that I came to the conclusion that the RSWR Network be used for any projects I take on myself that involved PHP or any other scripting language.

From there on out, I decided to think of The RSWR Network to be known as Ryan’S Webmaster Resources showcasing all projects that involve PHP and any other languages I decided to dive into.


For it’s 10th anniversary, The RSWR Network receives a new design. The design was completely redone and all sections were made fluid. In addition, I added the new blog where I discuss my projects and give tips on web development.


Yet again The RSWR Network receives a new, simpler website design.


Launched ryanchristenson.com to showcase various website projects worked on over the years.


Redesigned the site with bootstrap 3.


20th anniversary.