buzzZ-Et – Yahoo Buzz WordPress Plugin

Note: This plugin has been discontinued. Yahoo Buzz no longer exists.


Here is our WordPress plugin, buzzZ-Et. It essentially displays a Yahoo! Buzz button for each post. This will be most likely our last button plugin for the time being, unless another popular service should arise in the future. We have a couple more WordPress plugins in the works for the near future.

All I ask is that you credit this plugin (i.e. include a link to this page or maybe add a link to your WordPress Blogroll).

With that said, I would love to hear what people think. Any suggestions or comments you have, I’d love to hear them.


Download buzzZ-Et WordPress Plugin

Admin Settings

  1. Hide Buttons from Home Page, Individual Posts, Pages, Tag Pages, Archives, Author and Date Based Pages), Search Results Page
  2. Button Position – Display on Top Left or Right or Bottom below text, on left or right
  3. Badge Type – Choose from 10 different badges.
  4. Summary – Choose between Manual and Automatic
  5. Media – Choose a media type; News, Video, Image
  6. Category – Choose a category from the list. (Too many to list here)

Admin Screenshots


1.0.3 – 2/22/09
* Fixed header bug

1.0.2 – 1/31/09
* Updated Admin Backend For New WordPress 2.7 UI

1.0.1 – 11/16/08
* Fixed a bug that was causing incompatibility issues with our other button plugins

1.0.0 – 11/14/08
* Initial Release