HLogoZ-WP – Logo Changer WP Plugin


HLogoZ-WP is a date/holiday logo changer WordPress plugin. HLogoZ-WP is based on our original stand alone HLogoZ project. HLogoZ-WP is an automatic holiday/date logo changer. It comes packed with 28 holidays/dates. In the future the ability for custom dates will be included. For a full list of features read more below. HLogoZ utilizes a bit more jQuery code for the backend in this plugin, which makes the plugin more interactive and easier to use.

All I ask is that you credit this plugin (i.e. include a link to this page or maybe add a link to your WordPress Blogroll).

With that said, I would love to hear what people think. Any suggestions or comments you have, I’d love to hear them.


  • Automatically updates background image of a div container with your chosen css class
  • Two modes available: image mode and flash mode (beta)
  • Select from a list of 28 Holidays (Use any or all)
  • Add your own custom dates/holidays
  • Setup information available on settings page
  • Other admin options

Features Planned or in Development

  • Unique Logos Per Page/Post
  • Auto image size detection
  • Combo Image/Flash Mode
  • Localization

These features are in no way guaranteed to go into development or be finalized in the HLogoZ-WP.


Download HLogoZ-WP from WordPress.org

Voice Your Opinion

Report bugs or request a new feature for HLogoZ-WP via our feedback forum.

Screen Shots


1.1.6 – 7/19/11
* Added background CSS option.
* Added width 100% option.

1.1.5 – 9/14/09
* Removed “logos” folder. You’ll need to create a new folder called “logos” inside wp-content folder. This is to fix the update deletion issue for new versions.
* Fixed the promote setting
* Updated installation instructions and setup information

1.1.4 – 6/14/09
* Modified setup instructions and added info for editing the default WordPress theme

1.1.3 – 6/13/09
* Updated the CSS for boxes to fix visual glitch in WordPress 2.8

1.1.2 – 4/26/09
* Added logos folder, linking issue fixed
* No longer need to make a logos folder

1.1.1 – 3/30/09
* Added HLogoZ logo
* Updated backend design to match logo
* Added drop-down boxes for width and height to choose type of dimension property (PX or EM)
* Added drop-down box for image class to choose id or class

1.1.0 – 3/22/09
* Added custom holiday feature
* Fixed a time bug, offset now works properly
* Fixed the extract bug that was causing an on screen error
* Minor code cleanup

1.0.3 – 3/18/09
* Default image bug fix

1.0.2 – 3/17/09
* Some code clean up

1.0.1 – 3/15/09
* Date and/or date ranges are now listed next to holidays

1.0.0 – 3/3/09
* Initial release