Wow, today when I woke up and well don’t you hate it when you thought you woke up but it’s really just another dream to confuse you from actual reality. Then when you do wake up, you’re trying to decide if you truly woke up this time or if it’s just a case of dae ja voo. Well that happened to me this morning and funnily enough this gave me an idea.

The idea is both for a new php project and it’s pretty mind blowing I must say. Well at least I blew my own mind… If that is possible at all. More on this soon, when I actually start to work on it. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Let’s just say it will blow minds!

Plans for phpCheckZ and eqEpic:

On a further note I will soon be working on a WordPress bridge for phpCheckZ. Along with recreating eqEpic with the phpCheckZ framework. The new recreated eqEpic should be out sometime early June.

Plans for HLogoZ:

In the not so far future, HLogoZ will be recreated into a MySQL version for those that have asked for an easier manageable version. You’ll be able to adjust your own dates and holidays from a backend for easier management. I will still strive to make the frontend portion it small in code. However, the current version of HLogoZ will still be made available as HLogoZ Lite and may also have some adjustments.

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