Testing diggZ-Et in Multiple Browsers

June 1st, 2008

Every, day as always, I use both Opera and Firefox browsers simultaneously. I have a dual screen setup so it’s addictive to do separate tasks on each screen. Every day I seem to find a new reason for why Firefox is so much better than Opera. Yet I still use Opera every day even though it becomes more and more painful with each new update they put out. As I was testing the newest version of diggZ-Et today I noticed in opera it would slow down my blog’s homepage. It would literally take twenty seconds to load, being the same result every time. At first I thought, geese something in my code must be choking WordPress. So I load it in Firefox and my blog homepage loads in three seconds. I think Opera’s system for handling JavaScript is the culprit, as I have noticed it handles JavaScript much slower than other browsers. So I decided to test diggZ-Et in all the mainstream browsers to see how the performance differentiates between browsers.

phpCheckZ 1.1.0 Released

May 26th, 2008

Today we have released phpCheckZ 1.1.0. There are quite a few changes and several bug fixes in this release. We have added a new bridge for phpBB 3.0.1. We cleaned up the documentation a little. We add a new step in the setup document, which is required for “Include Mode” to work properly. We also added a credits section to the admin, to give our thanks to all third party support. You can read more about the changes and bug fixes here in the changelog.


PHP Do-While Versus the While Loop

May 21st, 2008

Well today I happened to be looking at some very old PHP code. It was done in PHP 4, but that really doesn’t matter. Anyways, when I was going through the code I noticed that the original coder had written dozens and dozens of do-while loops. I don’t do any “do-while” loops mainly out of personal preference. I do “regular while” loops mainly for the reason that they feel more practical to me. More will be explained below regarding this; However, it got me thinking today and I had to ask myself this question: Which loop would load faster?

Current RSWR News #1

May 19th, 2008

The last few days I have been adding all my current tutorials to the blog. I’m not sure what the overall popularity is for my PHPMaker and SMF tutorials but they seem to be getting quite a bit of traffic. So, I’m thinking since SMF 2.0 Beta is out for the public, I will have to look into creating a tutorial for integration with PHPMaker 5.0. However this is assuming that SMF’s ssi.php system has changed, as I’m sure the load.php and logout.php files have changed. Tell me what you think about the plans for this, if you’re interested or not… etc.

New Project Idea & Current Plans

May 18th, 2008

Wow, today when I woke up and well don’t you hate it when you thought you woke up but it’s really just another dream to confuse you from actual reality. Then when you do wake up, you’re trying to decide if you truly woke up this time or if it’s just a case of dae ja voo. Well that happened to me this morning and funnily enough this gave me an idea.