Today we have released phpCheckZ 1.1.0. There are quite a few changes and several bug fixes in this release. We have added a new bridge for phpBB 3.0.1. We cleaned up the documentation a little. We add a new step in the setup document, which is required for “Include Mode” to work properly. We also added a credits section to the admin, to give our thanks to all third party support. You can read more about the changes and bug fixes here in the changelog.

As always you can get the new release from the phpCheckZ SourceForge project page.

  1. I think this is an awesome script! I just spent 6+ hours looking for one like this… I would love to say THANK YOU! Now I have to switch hosts though, because I’m getting a mysql error because my server is out of date. 😛 Such is life. I was about to switch anyway. I am using it as a quest check off list for a game I’m playing and making a fan site for. Thanks again! I will post the link once my site is completed so you can see how I’ve used your work 🙂

  2. May I ask what game? I have been compiling lists for some mmorpgs like EQ and Vanguard. I’m looking to compile more quest checklists and such. I haven’t made the checklists available yet, but plan to.

    Can’t wait to see the site. 🙂

  3. What does this even do?

    The demo link is no where to be found and the “About this project” is not obviously showing

  4. @Howard;
    phpCheckZ is for creating dynamic checklists for your members to fill out, to keep track of various tasks or goals which could be for collections, mmorpgs and anywhere else dynamic checklists come in handy.

    phpCheckZ has it’s own website located at: You can find the demo here.

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