The following tutorial is a basic approach on how to get started with creating dynamic checklists in phpCheckZ.

This tutorial is also available in the documentation folder of each phpCheckZ release. In the future I will write a tutorial on how to take advantage of our bridges.

  1. Find the Add Checklists link on the Admin Page or on the left menu under the moderator nav.
  2. On the Add Checklists Page you will see the following:
    • Title
      • This is simply what you want to name your checklist.
    • Make Public?
      • This locks the list from being filled out by members. This includes all member groups: registered, moderators and admin.
    • Lock List
      • When a list is locked, moderators will not be able to edit the list. Only admin will be able to edit the list.
    • List Item #
      • These are the list fields.
      • Notice how every “List Item” has 2 options, Parent and Child of:
      • List Item #001 is unchangeable.
      • Parent means the item will be at top level.
      • Child means it will be the child of the parent you choose. Child items can be children of other childs also.
  3. Example Checklist Walkthrough
    • Load the Example Checklist (TV Show) from the List of current CheckLists on the admin page.
    • Now that you have the Example Checklist loaded lets look at how it works.
    • The first item is Season 1 followed by Episode 1 through Episode 7
    • Season 1 (Item #001) is a parent item.
    • Episode 1 through 7 are child items of item 001.
    • This means that Episodes 1 through 7 will appear under Season 1.
    • The same goes for Season 2 and Episode 1 – 6.
    • Episode 1 – 6 are children of item 009 which is Season 2.
    • Now that’s pretty easy, right?
    • Now go create some checklists! =)

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