The last few days I have been adding all my current tutorials to the blog. I’m not sure what the overall popularity is for my PHPMaker and SMF tutorials but they seem to be getting quite a bit of traffic. So, I’m thinking since SMF 2.0 Beta is out for the public, I will have to look into creating a tutorial for integration with PHPMaker 5.0. However this is assuming that SMF’s ssi.php system has changed, as I’m sure the load.php and logout.php files have changed. Tell me what you think about the plans for this, if you’re interested or not… etc.

I’m also curious if any of my readers that find the PHPMaker tutorials useful. Are there are any other systems out there you would like to see PHPMaker integrated with? If so which systems and which versions. I was thinking maybe of writing one up for phpBB and possibly even WordPress or Joomla.

As for the rest of my projects, the next release of phpCheckZ is getting pushed back a little bit more. I have so much on my plate lately to take on, it’s becoming a bit too much for me to handle. My brain just refuses to stop pumping out new ideas for current and possible future projects. Sometimes, I believe it is a curse.

Be sure to check out my next post when I compare the performance of do-while loops to while loops.

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