Well I’ve been writing my first blog post in my head for quite some time now, so it’s about time I actually type it out. As you can see The RSWR Network has received a major overhaul and has hit a new milestone in it’s own history. The design has been completely redone from scratch, but I just had to leave Merv the Alien (Yes that’s his name and he needed one and yes I just thought it up as I was typing this, lol) as part of the logo, since he’s part of the family now (chuckles). As he has been part of the family for about the last four years. Anyhow, in addition to the new design I added this new shiny blog and themed the entire website together so visitors have a seamless experience.

Now for the projects. All of our projects that do not have their own domains now have their own sub domains here on The RSWR Network. HLogoZ now has more information and content spread about instead of just one page as it was before. eqEpic remains basically the same with no new content. Remember to watch out for our next release of eqEpic which is soon to come.

phpCheckZ is the project I currently devote most of my time to. I will have a couple new bridges out in a month or so. I will be working on a (yes you guess it) WordPress bridge along with a bridge for phpBB. I also plan to work on some translations particularly a Spanish translation for starters.

Another thing I usually never bring up on The RSWR Network is one of my website projects, UPC Food Search. UPC Food Search is another website I created out of my passion for health and food information. We recently hit over 3000 products at UPC Food Search last month and now I’m focusing on adding ingredient information. Our community is quite small at this time and needs a little help, I have yet to talk to anyone as crazy as I am when it comes to learning about food products and health.

As for this blog I hope to blog about well everything and anything that is in relation to The RSWR Network. That includes; information on current and new projects, programming and scripting tips, new tutorials and well anything else I think of later, that I can’t think of right now. Well I’ll stop rambling on here. Wish me luck with my new blog! I will try my best to blog every day!

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