S-ButtonZ Social Media Buttons WP Plugin

Note: This plugin has been discontinued.


S-ButtonZ is a social media buttons WordPress Plugin. See the list of social media buttons below. Additional social media buttons will be added in the future.

There are admin settings for every aspect of each button, which are easy to manage. A full list of these admin features are listed below. S-ButtonZ has been tested in WordPress 2.7 to 3.5.1.

All I ask is that you credit this plugin (i.e. include a link to this page or maybe add a link to your WordPress Blogroll).


Download S-ButtonZ

Social Media Buttons Included

  • digg – Includes default JavaScript buttons and custom CSS button mode
  • dZone
  • Facebook Share Buttons
  • reddit
  • Yahoo Buzz

Admin Settings

  1. Hide Buttons on Home Page, Posts, Pages, Tag Pages, Archives and Search Results.
  2. Button Position – Display on Top Left or Right or Bottom below text, on left or right
  3. Various button settings – Such as; Background Color, skin type, summary options, media type options, topic and other various options that vary from button type.
  4. Digg API Mode – Create custom CSS digg buttons, digg threshold option and other features.

Additional Features

  1. Manual Button Placement – Use shortcode to manually place your buttons.
  2. Media Scan – Use multiple types of media, for digg and Yahoo Buzz.


Voice Your Opinion

Report bugs or request a new feature for S-ButtonZ, via our feedback forum.


1.1.5 – 9/17/09
* Fixed a bug that caused API buttons to display an inaccurate amount of diggs or none at all.
* Fixed the incorrect submission link bug for API Buttons.1.1.4 – 6/13/09
* Added manual button placement with new shortcode See FAQ
* Updated the CSS for boxes to fix visual glitch in WordPress 2.8

1.1.3 – 5/16/09
* Fixed an issue where certain text in a summary would break other button settings
* Fixed the blank topic issue for digg API buttons

1.1.2 – 5/5/09
* Fixed PHP4 compatibility issue – digg API should now work with PHP4.4+

1.1.1 – 5/3/09
* Added New Social Media Buttons: Facebook Share Buttons
* Fixed media format bug
* Fixed API graphic link for custom digg buttons
* Digg API box will now disappear if digg is unselected with digg API left on

1.1.0 – 5/2/09
* Added Digg API (Beta)
* Added custom digg CSS buttons (Digg API)
* Added digg threshold option (Digg API)
* Changed bottom positioning to stack side by side

1.0.6 – 3/21/09
* Minor code clean up fix.

1.0.5 – 3/19/09
* Emergency Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that called an option before it even existed.

1.0.4 – 3/19/09
* Major code cleanup, code was cleaned up to speed up admin backend and button loading. (Anyone upgrading will need to reset their settings, due to the code changes.)

1.0.3 – 3/18/09
* Media scan updated to work properly for both digg/yahoo buzz buttons. Now only uses one html comment for both.
* Minor code clean up.

1.0.2 – 2/24/09
* Minor JavaScript Adjustments
* Minor CSS Adjustments
* Added ChangeLog Information to Admin

1.0.1 – 2/22/09
* Path Fix for JavaScript File

1.0.0 – 2/21/09
* Initial Release